Treverva Male Voice Choir

Treverva Male Voice Choir – ‘Treverva at 75’ was the first large scale production undertaken by ICON Audio. Recorded on location at Treverva Chapel in August 2011, the choir recorded twenty one tracks including ‘Shenadoah’, ‘Spanish Ladies’ and the ever popular ‘Trelawny (The Song of the Western Men)’.

Musical Director John Adams was extremely accommodating and innovative. The choir used an electronic piano for accompaniment and the MIDI from the piano was recorded alongside the audio. The MIDI was later used to add additional instrumentation in post production. The greatest example of this can be found in ‘Trelawny’ where the piano was replaced with a cathedral organ.

John was adamant that he didn’t want the ‘Treverva at 75’ artwork to follow the norm and set a brief for a scrapbook style theme. The artwork was custom designed by Liz May from Design Thoughts.

The choir also took advantage of Digital Distribution opening up their album to a worldwide digital market. The album is available on iTunesAmazon and Google Play Music well as other mainstream music services such as Spotify.

The album was well promoted and received great praise from Radio Cornwall DJ Martin Baillie. The airplay and interview by Martin can be auditioned using the Soundcloud player below.

I said it the first time I played it, I’ll say it again. I think it’s one of the nicest versions, the best version of that particular piece I’ve heard in many a long day!!! Martin Baillie - Radio Cornwall (Speed Your Journey)