Redeem your Digital Download card in a just a few simple steps


(1) Create a Bandcamp Account

Please create a Bandcamp Fan Account, you can skip this step if you are already a Bandcamp fan account holder. By creating an account your album redemption will be stored in your Bandcamp fan account.

(2) About the Redemption Process

Please see the screenshots below, once you enter your unique code (Not yet, in Step 3) and the redemption is successful please select the option to ‘Log In’ highlighted in red. This will ensure your redemption is registered and stored in your Bandcamp account.

(3) Reedeem your Purchase

Please select the choir name below that matches your download card, you will be redirected to their redemption page. Your unique code is located on the reverse of your download card.

(4) Download the App (Optional)

The Bandcamp app is available for iOS & Android devices, by downloading the app you can access and enjoy your music on the move.

In the unlikely event that you encounter any technical issues with your redemption please contact ICON Audio.

Contact ICON Audio

ICON Audio has over a decade  of experience in Recording and Production. Offering a complete end-to-end solution from location recording right through to CD production, downloads, streaming & copyright clearance.