MCPS Copyright Clearance

Music Copyright is a complex subject, fortunately the PRS & MCPS have greatly simplified the process for organisations who wish to produce a CD that contains copyright material. Organisations can purchase a Limited Manufacture License, this is a blanket license that will allow you to use copyright material for the manufacture of up to 1000 CD units in any one production run.

The cost of the Limited Manufacture License is based on the duration of copyright material being used (above or below 25 minutes) and the number of CD units being manufactured.

MCPS Limited Manufacture License Pricing

  • 500 CD Units <25 Mins = £102.13
  • 500 CD Units >25 Mins = £163.40
  • 1000 CD Units <25 Mins = £204.26
  • 1000 CD Units >25 Mins = £326.81

ICON Audio will arrange the Limited Manufacture License on your behalf. There is no cost for this service, prices will be passed on at the rates above.

  • A track in the public domain can be under copyright if the arrangement you are using is registered with the PRS. As a rule of thumb; if the material you are using is within 50 years of production or you are using sheet music then copyright is likely applicable.

If you would like to discuss copyright or your audio requirements please contact me.