CD Manufacturing

There are two ways to produce an Audio CD, either by Duplication or Replication.

  • Duplication – Discs are burnt using a laser, much the same as if you burn a CD on your home computer. Typically only used for short runs, not cost effective for large runs. Duplicated CDs can be susceptible to compatibility issues. (DISCONTINUED)
  • Replication – Discs are factory pressed from a glass master and look exactly the same as a commercial CD you would purchase from a retailer. The units are finished to a much higher standard than Duplication and the process is highly automated. For runs of 500+ replication is considerably cheaper. Replicated CDs are not prone to compatibility issues.

All ICON Audio 500 & 1000 CD packages as well as re-orders are manufactured using Replication. In our experience it offers far greater quality and compatibility, the benefits of bulk buying also significantly reduce the cost price per unit.

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ICON Audio has over a decade  of experience in Recording and Production. Offering a complete end-to-end solution from location recording right through to CD production, downloads, streaming & copyright clearance.