Proper Job Singers

Camborne & Redruth based Proper Job Singers formed in 2006 and to date have recorded two albums with ICON Audio. ‘Take A Stroll Up Fore Street’ in 2011 and the follow-up album ‘When We Sing of Cornwall’ in 2013.

The choir are renowned for injecting traditional Cornish humour in to their live shows. Second Tenor – David Oates can often be found telling Cornish dialect stories by the late Herbie Lean including classics such as ‘Aunt Martha’s Wedding’ , ‘Rooster Had Some Reason to be Proud’ and ‘Cobblers Shop’.

Proper Job are a true testament to the benefits of producing an Audio CD. To date the choir have released in excess of 2500 CD units spanning both albums, donating in excess of £11,000 to their chosen charities.

The choir were interviewed on BBC Radio Cornwall in 2013 by Tiffany Truscott promoting their latest album ‘When We Sing of Cornwall’. To listen to the interview, along with excerpts of both albums please use the player below.

‘Take A Stroll Up Fore Street’

  1. Proper Job
  2. Tregarten Anthem
  3. The White Rose
  4. Oggy Song
  5. Let the Lower Lights
  6. Cornish Lads
  7. Cadgwith Anthem
  8. Calm is the Sea
  9. Lamorna
  10. Tykkydewas
  11. South Australi
  12. Tom Bawcock’s Eve
  13. Peter’s Choice
  14. An Eos Whek
  15. I’ll Tell me Ma
  16. The Old Grey Duck
  17. A Miner’s Life
  18. Camborne Hill
  19. Aunt Martha’s Wedding (Spoken Word)
  20. Rooster had some reason to be proud (Spoken Word)

‘When We Sing of Cornwall’

  1. Harry’s Song for Cornwall
  2. The Romance of Darby & Joan
  3. Cornwall The Land I Love
  4. Cornwall – Myfanwy
  5. The Revival
  6. Little Lize
  7. Home From the Sea
  8. Lily of the Valley
  9. You Can’t Take ‘un with ‘ee
  10. Cobbler’s Shop (Spoken Word)
  11. Working Man
  12. Ar Lan Y Mor
  13. Kind Friends & Companions
  14. Working on the Railroad
  15. Boy Willy (Spoken Word)
  16. Doble’s Wall
  17. The Grandfathers Clock
  18. Life Unseen
  19. Cousin Jack
  20. Mother & Willy Go Shopping (Spoken Word)

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