Location Recording

ICON Audio brings the studio to you, offering mobile recording on location in your own practice or performance space. Using industry standard multi-track Pro Tools recording systems, combined with high quality, low noise microphones and preamps allows us to capture every nuance and subtlety of your performance. Your tracks are then mixed and mastered to the highest professional standard before being sent for CD Manufacture and/or Digital Distribution.

Location Recording Quick Tips
  • The recording space should be at least four times the size of the choir, band or ensemble being recorded. This allows sufficient space to capture the balance between the material being recorded and the room.
  • Ensure the recording space is not subject to any extraneous noise (roads, trains, machinery, local events etc).
  • Where possible avoid hand holding sheet music, words etc. Unwanted noises such as page turns are exacerbated during recording, they are picked up by multiple microphones making the effect cumulative.

If you would like to learn more about ICON Audio please visit the ‘About‘ page. To discuss mobile recording or if you are thinking of producing an audio CD please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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ICON Audio has over a decade  of experience in Recording and Production. Offering a complete end-to-end solution from location recording right through to CD production, downloads, streaming & copyright clearance.