In recent years we have seen a fundamental shift in the way consumers enjoy music. The CD has been in steady decline and we have reached the point where it makes little sense for choirs, brass bands, orchestras and ensembles to record new albums and press them solely on to CD. Sales have to be considered over a period of time, typically 1-3 years.

The music industry is dominated by streaming which is excellent for consumers but problematic for recording artists. As an example; for a single track stream on a platform like Apple Music or Spotify you can expect a royalty return of around 0.003p, requiring in excess of 33,000 individual track streams to earn just £1.00.

The solution is for choirs, brass bands, orchestras and ensembles to offer their own downloads and streaming through a platform that supports artists.

How?…….you can achieve this by selling digital download & streaming redemption cards directly to your audience at concerts, engagements, online & via mail order. Working this way allows you to keep 100% of your revenue at the point of sale.

ICON Audio recently trialled a pilot scheme with Oll and Gwella here in Cornwall. The album artwork was printed on to a DL card (see below), on the reverse of each card is a unique code along with details on how to redeem it online. At the point of redemption the customer has the option to download the audio files and/or by simply creating an account; stream the tracks directly to their device. An app for iOS and Android great simplifies the streaming process. Oll an Gwella now offer digital download cards for sale at their engagements alongside their outgoing inventory of CDs.

Whilst there is no tangible item for sale it is important to bear in mind that the same amount of work goes in to the album creation. It is only the delivery format that is changing.

RRP for CDs is £10 and the RRP for Digital Download cards is £8. However it is completely discretional and for individual choirs to determine their own pricing.

If you would like a sample Digital Download card for testing purposes, please contact us and we will arrange to have one posted out.

The transition to digital brings about some exciting benefits:

First and foremost……cost. Digital only recording packages are now on average 20-25% cheaper than similar CD based recording packages, click for pricing.

Moving away from a physical format has huge benefits for the environment. When we consider how many VHS, DVDs, CDs etc find their way in to landfill, the numbers are eye watering. By moving over to 100% digital downloads the only physical item being sold is the download card. The card is made from recyclable materials and can itself be recycled.  The audio is also not susceptible to obsolescence from a format change. Once a customer registers for an account they will be able to stream the music indefinitely by simply logging in. It really is a win win!


For choirs, brass bands, orchestras or ensembles who are considering recording a new album or if would like any advice please contact Mike @ ICON Audio to discuss your requirements.

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